Artist Statement

I am a passionate Fine Art photographer. I strive for perfection in every step of my craft; from composition and image capture, to the realization of my vision on the final print.

I enjoy the challenge of making a meaningful photograph. I am especially drawn to Black and White, as it allows me to simplify the elements of light, tonality, composition, and texture. Conversely, some images need to be seen in color to be most effective. To be successful, an image must convey emotion and challenge my viewer's to be involved.

My choice of subject matter varies. However, I have a special passion for capturing people candidly. I enjoy the challenge that making photographs this way presents. There is truly a "decisive moment"; when captured, that powerfully communicates the soul of artist and subject. Additionally, I am fond of large scale and intimate landscapes. I strive to make photographs that include an unknown element. I believe to be most effective; an image should allow the viewer latitude for personal interpretation.

I make photographs using digital and film capture. Likewise, prints are realized as inkjet and traditional silver gelatin. The method I choose is determined by the subject matter and the scope of the project. Both methods are capable of yielding uncompromising results when approached with ultimate care.

I invite feedback about my photographs from my viewers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have. Thanks; and please enjoy...